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The world of flying began for Jim on August 1st, 1988, with a Trial Instruction Flight in a Piper 180, from a Broken Hill school. During his training he was fortunate to study and fly with an aerobatic instructor, in the school's C150 Aerobat. From there he completed his RA-Aus certificate, flew over a couple of thousand hours in a Thruster T300 and many thousands of hours in Jabirus.

For part of his Instructor rating he also flew a Tecnam Sierra, giving him insight into a range of light aircraft, from the high drag / low speed "rag and bone"(many fond memories of this craft) - to the low drag / high speed composites, (captivating abilities) and the training "tinnies"(the traditional GA trainers).

Jim's wife Marie also flies, and indeed was instructed by Jim. (yes, we received heaps of well intended stirring for that feat, as most of our friends said - "we wouldn't even venture there"!!) Jim believes it shows Marie's dedication to applying herself objectively to a situation, with a greater aim in view, which is that Marie is aiming to become a Theory Instructor, active in student's introduction to flying.

Both Jim and Marie are passionate about "getting it all right", because they have experienced the sad loss of personal friends, - and it is that which drives them towards their goal of educating safe, and competent pilots.

The years of outback flying have given Jim the opportunity to experience all of the conditions you would expect to find, (and some you'd rather not!) During the time of owning the Thruster T300 he tallied up 27 forced landings, due to many problems with a particular brand of 2stroke engines. One of the most memorable was when the flywheel snapped the crankshaft, and fell off, stopping the engine. The result was a forced landing in "Tiger country", (inhospitable / no landing areas) with minor damage to the aircraft, and no damage to himself. This was to date the only damage to an aircraft he has had.

With a record like that he can say that provided you are trained correctly, flying is very safe indeed. His philosophy is that: "the aircraft is only as safe as the pilot is capable". Since Marie has flown with Jim many times, while transiting the remote outback, she agrees, and wants to re-enforce that to students.

It is from that background that Jim draws his experiences, and he is passionate about training students to be able to do the same, just in case you might be faced with the situation one day, and once that issue is addressed, you really can get on with the business of enjoying your flying - in a far more enjoyable way because, as you will learn - you can do it too!

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