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Nesbit Flight Training Programs:

We offer several programs, from a basic Trial Instruction Flight, through to a fully endorsed RA-Aus certificate, as indicated below:

Trial Instruction Flight:

This is most likely your first introduction to flying. You will experience controlling the aircraft, under supervision, while you learn what the instruments in the cockpit are, and why they are there! Be warned though - TIF's - as they are known, can be as addictive as they are fun! This flight will last about ¾ of an hour.

Pilot Partner:

This is ideally suited to you if you want to understand the basics, see whether you will enjoy flying, and wish to continue to your certificate, or if you have a partner that's a pilot, and they were to be incapacitated for some reason, you could land the aircraft safely in such an emergency. (It used to be called a widow's licence).

This is not a full course, so naturally you are not legal to fly as a Pilot, nor can you receive a certificate. Obviously the hours will be variable with how far you want to go.


This certificate allows you all the pilot's privileges to act as Pilot In Command of an aircraft, but with the restriction of operating within 25 nm of your base. In effect, you will be a pilot that hasn't undertaken "cross country" training, a further "endorsement" to your certificate.

This program requires a minimum of 25 hours, of which 5 must be solo.

Cross Country Endorsment:

This endorsement will allow you to fly as far afield as you like - but as with all RA-Aus pilots, you are not permitted into controlled airspace, and you are generally limited to 5000' amsl.

The minimum time required here is 10 hours, of which 2 must be solo.

Passenger Endorsment:

To be able to take a passenger, you must have a minimum of 10 hours solo, which must include 2 hours in a two seat aircraft. You will have to demonstrate your ability to look after your passenger, remember, it's a big responsibility to take a passenger - they likely can't fly - so their life is in your hands.

GA to RA-Aus Conversion:

If you'd like to add an RA-Aus Certificate to your abilities, you will need to undertake a minimum of 5 hours training. You will enjoy it as much as you will likely need it, because these machines are often much more controllable, and can quickly feel like a bit of a handful for a low time GA pilot!

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