THE AIRCRAFT line Jabaru
The Aircraft:

Training is conducted with our Jabiru J230 "Airline", because we believe it is the best aircraft for students to start in. If you elect to remain an RA-Aus pilot, then you will have flown one of the biggest aircraft in that category, and if you decide to go on to obtain your "GA"- general aviation licence, then this aircraft is also similar to these as well.

The "glass dash" in the "Airline" series is a good way to meet the technology of the future, as more aircraft are adopting this system over the old and faithful analogue one. The dash looks impressive and technical, but in reality it is affording us "fingertip control".

The Jabiru aircraft, engines and propellers are 100% Australian owned, one of the very few such companies in the world, and arguably, the only one in the world designing these to meet the demanding Australian conditions - the large number in existence, as well as the demand - testifies to this fact.

This doesn't mean that there aren't other good aircraft out there, there are. What it does is it assures you of safety in your training - it is STRONG, expediency with maintainance and spares - they are all in one factory - in Australia, and they are easy and comfortable to fly - making your training - more ENJOYABLE.

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