The Costs:

From the beginning, you must ask yourself what exactly is it you are getting for your money?

We believe it is the Theoretical and Practical side of the best life insurance policy you can obtain - your understanding and ability! (You wouldn't shop around for car insurance that covered very little, because it cost very little, would you). In a like sense, your understanding and ability will ENSURE you receive the best "cover".

With that understanding, the RA-Aus syllabus requires you to undertake a minimum of 20 hours flight training (of which 5 hours will be solo), for your basic certificate. During this time, you will sit for knowledge tests, and prior to the issue of your certificate you will have demonstrated practical proficiency test with the aircraft.

Please understand that this is a MINIMUM time, set by the RA-Aus in the interests of your, and your fellow pilot's safety, (fellow pilots will not be too happy about any Inability you have which might endanger them), and not everyone will achieve this. Many often take 5 hours longer, as a rule, but the main point is that you are proficient and confident.

At the moment the instruction rate is $190.00 per hour, dual, in our trainer - the Jabiru J230 "Airline".

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