Why choose to learn to fly in Broken Hill, instead of somewhere else?

Three reasons - climate, traffic and location.


Broken Hill is located in the pastoral Western Division of Far Western New South Wales, which is a perfect year 'round locality in which to learn to fly, because our weather is so consistently fine. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, we have:

  • Rainy days - 27.2 days per year with more than 1mm.
  • Cloudy days - 65.7 days per year.
  • Wind - average wind speed of 18 kph per day per annum.
  • Temperature - average 3pm temperature of 23C.
This means less hold ups (and less accommodation costs) for your training compared to other locations.


At 2,515metres in length, Broken Hill airport is one of regional Australia's longest, (up to 50% more than most), and an immaculate 1000 metre gravel cross strip, for those windy days, so this means you have plenty of runway to practice with!

We recently conducted a survey, which included aircraft movements at YBHI, and we found that there were an average of 40 plus take - offs and landings per day here, so we are relatively quiet, but there is just enough traffic for you to easily learn to cause separation and practice it, with them. This builds your confidence and ability much more than learning where there is very little traffic, and let's face it - there are more aircraft on the register every year, so we must be able to work in with them!


With a population of over 20,000, Broken Hill is big enough to have plenty of shopping, places of interest, and accommodation, it is still quick to travel around, taking little longer than 15 minutes by car from the airport to the furthest point within the city limits.

Reaching Broken Hill can be done by bus - and by air, with Rex, from Sydney, and Adelaide. Sydney is approx. a 2.5 hour flight, while Adelaide is an approx. an hour flight time.

We have secured excellent accommodation for our students in Broken Hill, at very reasonable rates for all levels of room comfort.

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