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In a country as large and remote as ours is, flying just makes sense. It shreds distances, travel times and costs. The more often you travel, or the further your range is, the more the benefits multiply in your favour. Consider a long weekend wherever you live. How far can you go, and still enjoy a relaxing time at your destination? If you travel by road, I am willing to guess that it's not more than 6 hours? If that's the case, haven't you seen all those locations within 6 hours many times before?!

Treat yourselves to exciting and new experiences - first, learn to fly. Then, if you aren't ready to buy an aeroplane, hire the one you learnt in! Go and explore further than you imagined you would / or could!

A message to all wives, partners, girlfriends, and vica versa - once your other half is competent, you are in a safer situation flying than you are on our highways!!


If you need private air transport, it isn't as expensive as you might think. Once you are licensed, your choice of aircraft will determine the financial outlay you will be looking at, but ranges from a pre-owned Jabiru LSA at approximately $35,000 for a really nice one, to one of the latest Jabiru J230's from the factory from $100,000, and all ranges between.
These aircraft are within the reach of most folk, we often pay these prices for motor vehicles, don't we?

If you are on the road an awful lot, flying decimates your (travelling) times, which effectively gives you much of this time back, to be used for relaxation, or fitting more into your day, without the travel strain of driving. In closer settled areas you will not be hassled by traffic, speeding fines, etc., while out in the greater inland the boring distances, pesky animals wanting to bend up your car, and again the speeding fines, aren't there!

It isn't heaven - but you will be a bit closer..... !

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